Law Firm Support

Law Firm Support

When a lawyer or law firm finds themselves in a situation where additional resources could benefit their client, The Crone Law Firm is structured, prepared and willing to assist in a number of capacities.

By joining an existing team as associated council, we can provide valuable input and hands-on development of appeals, motion practice, discovery, and document management. We will even step in as assistant trial council.

Our flexibility on compensation is one reason we are an extremely attractive option. Our extensive experience working in a support capacity is another. The significant amount of technological resources at our disposal is further proof of our value.

Strategic Alliances

At The Crone Law Firm, we know how important it is to meet clients’ needs with the best solutions available in court and conference. That’s why we partner with industry leaders listed on this page to develop and deliver world-class legal representation. Our strategic alliances are deep, long-term relationships where we both invest people and resources to investigate, analyze, and advance legal strategies.

Law Guru

To learn more about how The Crone Law Firm can support your firm, contact Alan Crone at (901) 737-7740.