Our Purpose

What we do and how we do it.

The Crone Law Firm exists for one reason – we are passionate about resolving disputes.

Specifically, we are driven to pursue all available options to bring about a positive result for clients who find themselves entangled in dispute. However, it is one thing to be motivated. It is something else entirely to know how best to funnel that effort. This is where the decades of collective experience we possess at The Crone Law Firm comes to the forefront.

Having been on both sides of dozens of types of disputes, we understand your situation well. And we have a number of techniques and philosophies that help us to help you, including our dedicated team approach.

Simple as it may sound, listening to our clients and understanding their needs rather than forcing an off-the-shelf approach on them goes a long way toward achieving success. Other policies, such as maximizing efficiencies through technology, allow us to work smarter on your behalf rather than longer and more costly.

A final aspect that our clients have come to appreciate is that we don’t claim to be more than we are. We are always very straightforward about what we do well. If ever a situation arises that is beyond our realm of knowledge, we’ll tell you and then help you determine your best course of action. It’s simply a manifestation of our genuine concern for our clients’ continued success.