Minority Shareholder Oppression & Governance Issues

Minority Shareholder Oppression & Governance Issues

This type of case is as unique as the client being represented. Due to their complex nature and often long consultation requirements, the sooner you find expert legal representation the sooner resolution and, if necessary, compensation will be found. So whether you own most, half or a very small percentage of a business, The Crone Law Firm can offer the expert legal advice necessary to help you resolve your inter-business disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you own a equity in a non-publicly traded company there is a very limited market for your shares. Minority interest owners have certain rights if they are dissatisfied in the direction the other owners are taking the organization. Certain documents and courses of dealings govern the organization’s existence and spell out your interests. Your team must have a firm grasp of the entire situation and thoroughly understand those documents and course of dealings.

After determining what kind of contractual agreements to which you are obligated, our expert legal staff will custom-tailor a course of action designed to dissolve disputes between individuals with ownership interests in businesses, partners, corporate shareholders or members of limited liability companies.

No matter what your involvement, we take immediate action to solve your dispute right away.

If you would like a consultation regarding your shareholder and governance issues, contact Alan Crone at (901) 737-7740.

You Need to Know

To determine the percentage of ownership of each partner, corporate shareholders and LLC members should have access to the charter, by-laws, board minutes and resolutions of the company. General, limited and implied partnerships should have either written or oral agreements describing the percentage of ownership of each partner.