Intellectual Property Protection and Trade Secret Protection/Defense

When a business or entrepreneur has valuable trade secrets or other information that gives them a competitive advantage, protecting these assets is essential. The team at The Crone Law Firm is well positioned to mount a strong defense of this property, or to defend an entity accused of “stealing” assets.

One of the most important aspects of our approach to such a case is applying a business analysis to the litigation. A plaintiff in this situation must weight the value of the asset being protected – both current value and future value – against the cost of the protection effort. Thus getting an objective, expert valuation early in the process is essential.

If you are in need of protecting your assets or are in need of defending yourself against an accusation, call Alan Crone at (901) 737-7740.

You Need to Know

Examples of intellectual property worth spending money to protect include manufacturing processes, systems for performing services, internal policies and procedures, customer lists, vendor lists, pricing systems or schemes, methods of compiling competitive bids, prices or grants, costs and prices for supplies, margins, and any piece of information or data that would give the party a competitive advantage.