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The relationship an employee has with his or her employer is one of most important a person can have outside their marriage. When this relationship is threatened, or terminated abruptly, disputes often arise.

At The Crone Law Firm, we represent highly compensated individuals in such disputes. Bringing our extensive experience to bear on the situation, we analyze each unique scenario and the complex issues that are often associated with such a dispute, such as wrongful termination, non-competition clauses, trade secret protection, compensation and benefits. By putting our focus on a solution for our client’s problem rather than just winning a lawsuit, we help to bring control and predictability to our client’s lives during a time of utmost upheaval and change. We also try to help our clients identify and solve other related problems that might be contributing to their problems at work.

We have represented folks from around the country as well as from the Memphis area. For clients within an easy drive of our offices we prefer an in-person meeting. For out of town clients we can certainly conduct a consultation over the phone. However, many of our clients prefer an in-person meeting to address critical issues with more immediacy and either fly to Memphis or pay for one of our attorneys to fly to their city for a meeting. We are prepared to meet the wishes of our clients in this regard.

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